Sharing Poetry

I thought it was time to start sharing some poetry with you. I love writing poems. It’s a great way to introduce young children to sounds, rhythm and rhyme. As they get older, poetry is a great way for preteens and teens (along with every year beyond) to express themselves with out all of the rules of conventions. They can freely explore their creative side and the possibilities are endless.

Discussing poems from a very early age allows students to begin critically thinking and exploring what the author’s message is.

These are all original poems I have written. Please feel free to share them with your students. Also, encourage them to write their own poems.

A few general questions:

  1. How does the poem make you feel? Why?
  2. Are you able to use your other senses to understand the poem? Which ones and how?
  3. When authors use metaphors and smilies, how can they help you and make the poem more interesting?
  4. Does the poem have a message?
  5. Do you like to read/ write this type of poetry?

Here are a few free verse poems:


Paper thin

In shades of color

Depths of pigment

Never revealing

What gifts are on the inside

In the heart

Until you see

Past what the body

Is wrapped in.

~ Jayne Peters



campfire poem



I feel like a cloud
Floating effortlessly in the sky
As the darkness surrounds me
Like a magician’s cloak
I am protected

~Jayne Peters


Here is a sample of a more detailed acrostic poem.

My Childhood Home

Long walks on the shore

In my bare feet

Feeling the waves as they crash, washing away sand

Exploring the caves

A big gob of spit on a rock to make paint

The jellyfish that are left stranded when the tide goes out

Too many marshmallows for roasting

Heat from the campfire as my feet start to blister

Every kid in the field joins in

Covering myself in mud at low tide

Overly smooth sea glass and interesting shells

The life jackets, always in the boat

Turning out the lights and reading under the covers

A huge garden out back where I ate peas by the handful

Getting to spend time with my family

Enjoying every moment.

~Jayne Peters

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