Book Bingo

A daily writing prompt for 30 days is a great way to promote writing and have a bit of fun while doing so. The blog I’m updating with my writing prompts can be viewed here. The prompts don’t replace teaching writing forms, traits and skills in a classroom. They are meant to be extra 10-15 minute writing experiences.


Now let’s talk reading. At this point I’m not going to teach reading, but encourage students to read books by a variety of different authors and in a variety of genre. I want them to read books in a series, get recommendations from friends (and give them) and develop a love of reading. I’ve created a book bingo game where they can write the name of the book they read (from this point forward) in the square it applies. You can decide, based on your student’s or child’s reading experiences whether you want them to complete a line, two lines or the whole sheet. It’s important to teach students to work toward a goal. Let’s make it fun and challenging!

Click here to see the Book Bingo template.