Day 9

Day 9: Tell the story of how the ladybug got her spots or how the elephant got his long trunk.

These types of stories are called pourquoi tales. A pourquoi tale is a narrative (including characters, setting and plot) that explains certain events that have happened (often in nature and definitely in the past). The main characters can be humans or animals and the story often starts with “A long time ago…”. It is important to start at the beginning before the ladybug had spots or before the elephant had a long trunk so that you can uncover the mystery of their transformation. Using your imagination is crucial!

Reading pourquoi tales like How the Alligator Got His Smile Back by Jayne Moraski can inspire and help children as they write their own.

how the alligator got his smile back

They may also benefit from planning out their story using a storyboard like this:

6 frame storyboard