My Summer Reading List

One of my plans this summer is to read as much as I possibly can. I am going to start a list and I’ll keep adding to it throughout the summer. I would also love to hear your recommendations (keeping in mind that I like kid’s stuff the best).


Books I’ve Read

The Skin i’m in by Sharon G. Flake

Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

Messenger by Lois Lowry

Son by Lois Lowry

(I loved all 4 of them! Here is a link to Lowry’s page: http://www.loislowry.com/index.php?option=com_djcatalog2&view=items&cid=4:the-quartet&cid=4:the-quartet&Itemid=185)

Sleeping Beauty: The One Who Took the Really Long Nap by Wendy Mass

I am also reading The School Year Survival Cookbook by Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh along with articles and books related to school and teaching.


New Messy Jessy Illustrations

Diane Lucas has taken on the task of creating Messy Jessy in Messy Jessy Gets Active. Jessy’s joyous and creative personality shines through, even in the initial sketches. This is one of my favorite sketches. I can’t wait to see it in color! I’m sure my time in the rink, watching hockey games, isn’t causing any bias.

I love that Jessy uses her imagination and creates her own fun throughout the whole book. She still has her bike helmet on from her adventures on the previous page. This sketch will make a great coloring page.Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 8.33.54 PM.

You can learn more about Diane Lucas by visiting her website at http://www.lucasillustration.com/index.html.


Coming Soon

Messy Jessy cover FINAL

Anxiously awaiting my latest book.

Children loved Messy Jessy in her debut story.

Now, she is busier and more active than ever.

Follow Jessy as her wild imagination has her tackling what she loves.

From yoga to dance and hockey to ball,

she knows how to have fun.

Jessy’s day continues to be filled with laughter, spirit and … mess.

               ~parents and kids will instantly relate.


Sharing Poetry

I thought it was time to start sharing some poetry with you. I love writing poems. It’s a great way to introduce young children to sounds, rhythm and rhyme. As they get older, poetry is a great way for preteens and teens (along with every year beyond) to express themselves with out all of the rules of conventions. They can freely explore their creative side and the possibilities are endless.

Discussing poems from a very early age allows students to begin critically thinking and exploring what the author’s message is.

Let’s start with this one. I’d love to hear what you think.


Paper thin

In shades of color

Depths of pigment

Never revealing

What gifts are on the inside

In the heart

Until you see

Past what the body

Is wrapped in.

                                      ~ Jayne Peters

Messy Jessy

pg17-18In Jayne Peters’ first book you can follow Jessy through her messy day. From spills, crashes and jelly faces; to bruises, scratches and mismatched socks, Jessy’s day is filled with laughter, spirit and mess. ~Parents will instantly relate

“Messy Jessy” is completely charming. Children will insist on it being read over and over again- Parents will be delighted to oblige.”  – Kerry Parsons, School Library Specialist