Passport Book: Messy Jessy

I love the concept of “pay it forward” and encourage a giving nature with my students and family. So… I decided to try a “pay it forward” with my first published book, Messy Jessy. My friend, Ang, who is visiting from Ontario, graciously volunteered to take the book with her on her return home, with the hopes of finding a willing participant at the airport.

The directions, that you can see below, are on the inside cover of the book. I am really looking forward to hearing about Messy Jessy’s adventures (Not unlike Flat Stanley). 

cover Messy Jessy

Did someone hand you this book?

Congratulations! You are the next person chosen to read “Messy Jessy” and be part of my “pay it forward with a book” idea.

These are your instructions:

  1. Read the book to a child of your choosing (or a few children).
  2. Go to and under the tab at the top called Passport Book: Messy Jessy let me know that you have read the book and where you are located (city, province, state). I would also love to hear your comments on the book.
  3. Then be sure to pass it on. I want to see how far the book can travel or how many people can read it. It is also a wonderful “pay it forward” to promote reading.

Thank you and I hope your “little one(s)” enjoyed the book!

Happy reading!

                                                                                        ~Jayne Peters

PS: If you cannot participate, please pass the book on to someone who can.


3 thoughts on “Passport Book: Messy Jessy”

  1. I read this book to my 2 girls (age 7 and 5). My oldest enjoyed pointing out all the rhymes and my youngest said “heart heart heart. I love it. I loved the jam all over her face.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear they enjoyed it. Do you think they might enjoy a coloring page? If so, I’ll upload a few to the site. Thanks for helping “pay it forward”.


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