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Perfect Snow by Barbara Reid

Barbara Reid’s Perfect Snow is a wonderful book to read, especially now, during our Canadian winter. Children and adults can relate to the excitement felt after the first snow fall. As a teacher I can hear the stampede of children as they head outside to make snow angels, forts, snowmen and catch snow falling with their out stretched tongues. And… Barbara Reid is able to capture it all, in great detail, using plasticine, ink and water color as her medium.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 2.17.04 PM

Scott wants to create the largest snowman while Jim wants to create the “indestructible Snow Fortress of Doom”. When they team up and enlist the help of all of the school yard children they’re able to create something everyone is excited about.

As a parent or teacher, what can you do with this book? First, ask if anyone can make connections to the cover and have them predict what the story will be about. You can listen to Barbara Reid reading Perfect Snow here.

I love to use plasticine/ clay with my students and Barbara Reid is a master when it comes to plasticine. She has several videos that you can watch before making your own clay scenes.

Making Plasticine Pictures Part 1

Making Plasticine Pictures Part 2

Making Plasticine Pictures Part 3

Creating Perfect Snow 

So… have some fun with clay and be sure to head outside and play in the snow!