Whispering Wings

front cover

Discussion Questions: Gather the students for a read a loud.

Before Reading

Look at the cover

  1. What do you think the book will be about?
  2. What characters would you expect to find in the story?
  3. Can you make any connections?
  4. What do you notice?

Read the blurb on the back

  1. What do you know now?
  2. What challenges do you face on a daily basis?
  3. What are virtues?


During Reading

On the first page bring the students’ (or your child’s) attention to the book on the floor. Point out the red caterpillar and how it becomes the blue butterfly.

After the first few pages ask, “Why do we think something might be wrong with Nick? What could be wrong?” (inferencing)

When Nick looks in his pocket and sees that only one caterpillar remains, who do you think it will whisper to? (predicting)


After Reading

 Focus on Virtues

Choose a virtue to focus on. Or… put students in small groups and ask each group to discuss the questions for each virtue in Whispering Wings.

Patience: What does it mean to be patient? In Meg’s situation, what would being patient look like? When do you need to use your patience?


Helpfulness: Are there times when friends or family members need your help? Tell me about them. Do you ever need help? How do you ask for help?

Cooperation: When you cooperate what does that look like? When do you need to use your cooperation? What happens when people don’t cooperate?

Friendliness: What does it mean to be friendly? When is it important to be friendly?

Determination: What is determination? Why is it important to be determined? Think of a time when you had to use your determination.


Extending the Virtues: As a whole class discuss what compassion is. How do we show compassion for others?

Making Connections:
Can you make connections to the story? Their ideas might be in relation to the family life and virtues or they may make connections to Terry Fox etc…

Snacks and Art: